At Picklebilly, our priority is creating a worldwide hosted housing network so that pickleball players can travel and save money on lodging. It's clear that a guest definitely benefits. A guest saves money, gets to travel and see a host's beautiful corner of the world.

The question is: What does a host get from hosting?
What are the benefits of hosting?

Here are our top 8 reasons for becoming a Picklebilly Host---(drum roll, please)

1. Meeting new friends. (aren't pickleball people the best? we've all made lots of pickleball friends? want to make some more?)

2. More pickleball: These hosts will take their guests out on the court.

3. Seeing different styles of play. Playing with new people exposes a host to added play styles and possibilities-- this can improve your game.

4. Hosting pros: Having pros as a guest creates possibilities for lessons or some time on the court with a superb athlete.

5. Saving on travel expenses. A host may look for guests who can also host. They stay with you and then visa-versa.

6. Expand Your World. Our world is filled with a variety of people. Learning about others from all walks of life enhances diversity.

7. What do you want? As a Host, you set the terms for your guest. You may charge a nominal fee. Your guest may cook, teach you something about photography, or take you to dinner.

8. Most importantly "HAVIN FUN". We saved the best for last. :)

Please let us know if you can think of more reasons/benefits!

If you would like to become a host, all you need to do is join our community

Have fun and Happy Picklin'!