About Picklebilly

Picklebilly Hosted Housing was founded in 2019 by Jan Mundee who saw the company as a way to bring people together through affordable pickleball travel. After bringing the platform to her Facebook group, it grew to over 2500 members with hosts in five different countries.

In 2021, Jan teamed with pickleball pro Jason Garriotte bringing his knowledge of the game, connections to the pro pickleball world, and business / marketing / online system development experience to the project. Picklebilly is now a hosted housing platform for social / recreational / tournament pickleball players wanting to meet new people, travel, and save money on lodging.

Janice Mundee
USAPA Ambassador / PPR Certified

Janice Mundee, a retired public educator, joined pickleball and hasn't looked back. When not traveling to tournaments or rehearsing with her band, this PPR certified coach teaches pickleball classes through the local rec department and works hard to train and deveop her game.

She co-wrote "The Official Pickleball Workbook" and as a founder of Picklebilly, enjoys interviewing Pickleball people for her broadcast "Picklebilly Presents."

Jason Garriotte
Top 100 Ranked Pro Player / PPR Certified

Jason is a former pro tennis player, teaching pro, and Div 1 college coach that converted to Pickleball in 2019... after finally listening to his parents who had been playing since 2014 in Naples, FL when they only had a couple striped tennis courts to play on : )

As a serial entreprenuer with skills including web server and database management, brand design and implementation, lead generation, digital and print sales materials design, and creative media (audio / video / voice over)... he was searching for a way to use these skills to enable him to work in the Pickleball industry while playing on the pro tour.

With housing being one of the biggest expenses for traveling to tournaments... his search for trying to solve this problem led Jason to Picklebilly where he was able to expand their capabilities and potential reach by helping create an online management system to benefit the Pickleball community overall.

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