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Read These Picklebilly Experiences!

Had such a wonderful stay at Sue and Rick Huntley’s home this weekend in Paso Robles, CA. They were such gracious hosts, and welcomed me and my family with open arms, and made us feel so at home throughout the stay. Sue even drove me to the courts and watched me play, such a sweetheart.

Their kindness definitely rubbed off on me and brought me luck. I medaled in both my events, bagging Bronze in Singles, and Silver in Mixed doubles.

Sue and Rick, thank you so much. I will be forever grateful.


My girlfriend and I stayed 1 night with John Gunderson in Ivans, UT (a suburb of St George), after finding his listing on this site. What a sweet, kind, generous man! He made us feel extremely comfortable and welcome!

Chocolates on the pillow! Homemade energy bars for our tournament play! Took me for a ride on his Harley!
Thanks so much John!

"I was, at one time, the only host on the list for Las Vegas, and I not only host at my house but also help players and referees find hosted housing.

Just recently I received a request for hosting from a name of a top pro pickleball player. I just thought it was a member of the staff and said are you part of the staff? There was a weird pause so I clicked on the FB profile to discover, to my great surprise, that I was talking to a top pro pickleball player.

I can tell you my family had a great experience hosting, what an honor and a pleasure. The stories are amazing, so humble and grateful for our willingness to host. I hope you get a chance to have a quality experience like this. I know it is scary putting yourself out there, but the rewards for both parties can be amazing.

~ Darla Christiansen